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New Construction

Par-Tech has completed a variety of new construction projects including new administration buildings,      pre-engineered buildings and fire stations. 


Our staff is experienced in complex situations sometimes presented with remodels and additions. We offer problem-solving solutions and can work within tight time frames. Most of our remodels have been owner occupied. 

Seismic Upgrades

The majority of our projects have been seismic upgrades in one way or another. Par-Tech self performs carpentry, which allows us to specialize in this category while providing a competitive price. 



Par-Tech Construction is a family owned business that has been in the commercial industry since 1995. It was founded based on quality workmanship and the understanding of good working relationships. Thanks to our experienced staff and good business management, our company continues to thrive in both Oregon and Washington.


Par-Tech has maintained an outstanding reputation in the industry by providing customers with the highest quality of work in a timely manner. We have an experienced team that carefully plans, schedules and monitors every aspect of the job from the moment we meet our prospective clients until final completion. 

Par-Tech Construction has developed a proven track record of ensuring customer satisfaction at a competitive price. We manage our projects by keeping unnecessary costs down and maintaining good business relationships.  Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible construction experience.


Par-Tech Construction completed several LEED certified projects. In 2012, Issaquah Fire Station #72 was recognized as one of the highest scoring LEED Platinum Fire Stations. Since then Par-Tech completed Seattle Fire Station 22, LEED Platinum Certified and Seattle Fire Station 29, LEED Gold Certified.

Since our inception, we have successfully completed a broad range of projects, including new construction, tenant improvements, remodels and restorations. Please visit our portfolio.



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Fire Stations

Par-Tech has completed 12 Fire Station projects from Portland to Seattle. This includes two new LEED Platinum Certified fire stations & one LEED Gold Certified fire station. 


Par-Tech has completed approx. 70 school projects. These projects have ranged from small remodels to additions, HVAC upgrades, play structures, new bus turnarounds, electrical upgrades and site improvements. 

Government Buildings

Government projects have ranged from courthouse remodels to correction facilities, city halls, dog control facilities, military projects and ODOT buildings. These types of projects have ranged from minor improvements to new construction.



Main Office

13783 S Forsythe Rd

Oregon City, OR 97045

Tel: 503-557-8300

Fax: 503-557-8325

To apply for a job with Par-Tech Construction, Inc. please send over your resume to


For any inquiries or questions, please call: 503-557-8300 or email at

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